• Broiler Production Training sessions
    15/09/2014 | ZYC
    Broiler Production Training sessions                   The ZYC together with Irvine’s will be conducting full day Broiler Production Training sessions for the last quarter of the year as follows; 1.    Mt Hampden VTC
    24 September
    08 October
    22 October
    19 November
    03 December
    17 December
    2.    Ruwa VTC
    25 September.....
  • National Coordination Forum for youth in Social & Community development
    11/09/2014 | ZYC
    National Coordination Forum for youth in Social & Community developmentThe Zimbabwe Youth Council is in the process of creating a national coordination forum for youth in social & community development work which will be used to engage government and development partners on various issues affecting the sector in the country. This move follows the realization that ther..... Read More >>
  • Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show
    09/09/2014 | ZYC
    Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural ShowPress Release Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show The Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment together with the Zimbabwe Youth Council came in the third place in the Training category at this year’s Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show which was held i..... Read More >>
  • Z.YC, Youth Associations Hold Joint Exhibition At The Z.A.S 2014
    02/09/2014 | ZYC
    Z.YC, Youth Associations Hold Joint Exhibition At The Z.A.S 2014In keeping with its moto "In Pursuit of Youth Empowerment and Participation" Z.Y.C held a joint exhibition with several of its registered Youth Associations at the just ended 2014 edition of the Harare Agricutural Show 

    The variation of exhibitions showcased by the associations included I.C.T produc.....
    02/09/2014 | ZYC
    INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT TALKYou are invited to Zimbabwe's business premier event:
    Venue: Rainbow Towers,
    Date: 4 September 2014.
    Time 1:45pm-Till late
    Speakers List: www.ila.splashthat.com

    World's leading thinkers and doers are coming to share investment strategies, ideas, networks and offer practical opportunities that matter in a.....
  • National Disability Expo 2014
    24/07/2014 | ZYC
    National Disability Expo 2014 Yeukai Karengezeka Arts Correspondent (Herald Zimbabwe)
    Preparations for the National Disability Expo running from July 30 to August 1 at the Africa Unity Square are at an advanced stage. One of the event organisers, Ticha Muzavazi, said everything is in place and all the groups taking part h.....
  • Pay back, Youths Told
    18/07/2014 | ZYC
    Pay back, Youths ToldYouths should pay back loans availed to them for projects under the Youth Fund to enable others to benefit in a revolving manner, Vice President Joice Mujuru has said.This comes in the wake of reports that CABS has suspended disbursement of part of US$10 million to the Youth Fund following a high ra..... Read More >>
  • ZYC to host National Youth Conference
    07/07/2014 | ZYC
    ZYC to host National Youth ConferenceMore than 1000 young people drawn from all the provinces are expected to attend the National Youth Conference slated for 16th and 17th of July in a Harare at the University of Zimbabwe grounds.
    The conference which will run under the theme “Realigning the Youth Sector towards Skills Development and.....
  • ZYC set to celebrate Population Day
    07/07/2014 | ZYC
    ZYC set to celebrate Population DayThe United Nations' (UN) World Population Day is annually observed on July 11 to reaffirm the human right to plan for a family. It encourages activities, events and information to help make this right a reality throughout the world. this years theme is "Investing in Young people".

    The Day's commemora.....
  • 22nd Session,Junior Parliament Officially Opened:
    07/07/2014 | ZYC
    22nd Session,Junior Parliament Officially Opened:The 22nd session of the Junior Parliament begun with the Child President, Nhlanla Moyo applauding government for the strides made in the education sector. He however called for more attention towards enhancing the quality of education and the forcing of children into early marriages.

    Some of th.....




Conference Date: 17-18 July 2014

Conference Venue: University of Zimbabwe, Harare

We the young people of Zimbabwe,

Comprising youth leaders of national and provincial youth associations, Zimbabwe Youth Council members, youth in civil society,

Having been convened by the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Empowerment together with the Zimbabwe Youth Council,

Supported by the World Bank and other development partners,

Recognizing the growing scourge of youth unemployment and the challenges facing our economy,

Aware of the multiplicity of efforts being made by various players in the youth sector, and the private sector,

On Skills Development:

We call upon government to modernize equipment in the vocational training centres and other institutions of higher learning including investment in ICTs,

We also call upon government to support and facilitate the retraining and capacitating of lecturers teaching students in Vocational Training Centres,

We further call upon other government line ministries to absorb skilled young people and create an enabling environment for their development,

We also call upon government to support and facilitate the expansion of vocational training centre curricula to include components of sports, arts and culture

We also call upon government and its partners in the Youth Fund to make it mandatory for youth benefitting from the Youth Fund to undergo skills training.

On Responsibility to rebrand the image of the youth,

Aware of the challenges of a culture of entitlement prevalent in the youth sector,

Aware of the high rates of default and non-performing loans among beneficiaries of the Youth Fund,

We welcome and uphold the calls by the Vice President to re-mould the youth image towards more responsible, respectful and hard-working youth

On Youth Funding

We recognize that the current funding model has not worked,

Aware of the short term nature of bank deposits and the competing need for long term loans to fund long term projects,

We call upon government to increase prescribed assets percentage on insurance firms investments to accommodate a youth fund,

Request the Ministry to convene a meeting with banks to rethink the youth funding model,

We also call upon fellow youths who have accessed funds to repay their loans

We request other funding institutions to establish schemes to support youth,

On Youth Coordination

Recognizing the multiplicity of uncoordinated efforts in the youth sector,

Call upon the Ministry of Youth through the Zimbabwe Youth Council to establish a Youth Development Coordination Forum,

Further calling upon the non-state actors in youth development to work in support of the agenda of the government of the day,

Also calling on government ministries and ZYC to embrace on the work of all youth organizations in the country,

Request the Ministry of Youth to publish on an annual basis a report showing progress made on youth development,

Further calling upon government to fully establish functional youth desks and focal persons in all government Ministries and departments,

Request that government honours its pledge in the national youth policy to allocate 25% of all resources and positions of appointment to the youth, especially in procurement and board representations

Call upon ZYC to facilitate the creation of provincial and national youth forums to facilitate youth coordination between National Youth Conferences, ensuring that the Youth Coordination Forums remain open to all ZYC registered organizations,

Ensuring that all Provincial and National Coordination mechanisms are available on social media platforms,

Further ensuring that disadvantaged youth including youth with disabilities are included in both provincial and national coordination bodies

On Enterprise Development

Further aware of the importance of enterprise development in sustainable economic empowerment of young people in the country.

We call upon government to review policies towards improving ease of doing business, reduction of bureaucracy and bottlenecks in setting up of youth enterprises,

We request the private sector players to support youth enterprises through mentorship, business incubation and product quality improvement initiatives, including mainstreaming of ICTs in business operations.

We also request the State Procurement Board to ensure 25% of government tenders go to the youth in line with the National Youth Policy.

We call upon government, private sector and other non-state actors such as not-for-profits to give support to youth enterprises such as procurement quotas for various products and services youth companies are able to provide.

We request government and its partners to support youth enterprises through market linkages locally, regionally and internationally.

We encourage young people to explore opportunities in value addition and beneficiation,

We end by committing ourselves to working for the betterment of our country through supporting initiatives from government, development agencies and the private sector, and building a better character of the Zimbabwean youth who is respectful to society.



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Government through the Ministry of Youth Development Indigenization and Empowerment has met both its local and international obligations in terms of ratifying international youth treaties and facilitating for the creation of the revised National Youth Policy which contains the current needs and requirements of the youth.


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The Youth Council registers Youth Organizations, Clubs, Associations and Trusts in order to advocate for their interest and needs to Government among other issues.

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