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    “One on One With The Junior President”

    The country’s Junior’s President Nhanhla Moyo (NM) opens up on a secret behind being a junior Parliamentarian and how the current Junior Parliament is operating and coordinating with their counterparts, Junior Council, in the following one on one interview with Sunday Mail Reporter, Mufakose 2 High Student, Bryan Zhawi (BZ). BZ: What does it take for one to be the Junior President or even jnr Parliamentarian? NM: People have different ideologies on that but for me it’s simplicity, hard work, humility but above all God's grace. BZ: Hardwork! Are you given some tasks to work on, can you elaborate on where hard work is needed? NM: It is not necessarily about the tasks but it’s about handling the press. You are emanating from school work and community service. It really requires a lot of work. BZ: Your term as Junior President of the Republic of Zimbabwe is halfway through now, what have achieved of failed to do as the 2014-2015 Junior Parliament? NM: Quite frankly, much has been done I the way of advocacy. We have worked with organisations like PLAN International and National AIDS Council through young People’s Network against child marriages and HIV. As you know that we are an advocacy body. Our failures have mainly come as a result of not meeting as frequently as we would have liked due to financial constraints. It has been an issue of coordination; as a result we have not been able to critically measure our successes and failures. BZ: As junior Parliament do you really generate your own capital? NM: No we don’t. We operate on a zero budget so what we do is to use the readily available resources in our communities and our activities are coordinated by the ZYC (Zimbabwe Youth Council). BZ : How do you take this ongoing debate that Junior Parliament is less effective than Junior Council mainly on organising projects? NM: That’s a good question and I think I’m the best man to answer that as I have been in both Junior Parliament as well as Junior Council. It all depends on the angle are patroned by Rotary and are under the custody of City Councils and thus thy have easy access to council property for efficiency in their projects. The public has politicised junior Parliament so it becomes difficult to engage in the same projects. Junior Council meets frequently but Parliament meets once in awhile so that’s why it seems as if one works more than the other but for me, the two are complementary bodies and should be seen and treated as such. BZ: Are there transformations you went through from being a junior Councillor to such a high post? NM: Actually they are more or less the same thing. I simply moved from advocacy at community level to advocacy at national level. That was the transition, but both have4 been equally important in shaping me as a person. BZ: What are the benefits of being a junior President? NM: It’s a learning experience, it teaches you time management and mostly networking. BZ: As an A-level student, how are you balancing the academics and your Jnr President responsibilities -add your social life to that too? NM: I won’t lie and say it’s easy because it’s not for real. I have cut back on my social life and I try my best to manage my time. I go an extra mile in everything even if it means staying extra hours after school. BZ: Any word of advice, especially to those who are aspiring to be junior Parliamentarians? NM: They should start living like they are Parliamentarians, work smart and study hard. Never care what people say that about them, above all they should trust and believe in God. BZ: Lastly, were you expecting yourself to be on this position, what was the feeling when your name was called out as junior President? NM: I always told myself that I’m going to make it. Because I believed that, I made it and I was overwhelmed and all I could do was to thank God. BZ: It’s been nice talking to you, Mr President. NM: Thank you Bryan *Students, You can send your articles through Whatsapp, Text, E-mail or Facebook!Just app Charles Mushinga on 0772936678 or send your articles,pictures,poetry,art...to Charles Mushinga at Charles.mushinga@zimpapers.co.zw or mushingacharles@gmail.com or follow

  • ZYC To Host Youth Expo in Victoria Falls

    ZYC To Host A Youth Business Expo At The 21st February Movement Celebrations For 2015. Elephant Hills 27 February

  • ZYC To Host Youth Business Expo in Victoria Falls

    ZYC To Host Youth Business Expo in Victoria Falls

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In pursuit of Youth Participation

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