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1. ZYC Corporate Status

The Zimbabwe Youth Council (Z.Y.C) is a quasi - government institution which is established by an act of parliament – The Zimbabwe Youth Council Act [Chapter 25:19] as amended in 1997.The overall administration of the act rests with the Ministry responsible for Youth.

2.  Structure

The structure of the council has two (2) main components namely, the Corporate Governance Structure and the Secretariat.
The corporate governance structure consists of fifteen (15) board members, of which, seven (7) are elected by registered Youth Associations or Organizations and the other eight (8) including the chairman are appointed by the Minister responsible for Youth with the concurrence of the State President.

The principal role of the corporate governance structure is to come up with the broad policy framework on the council’s mandate.

The Secretariat is headed by a Director who is an ex-officio member of the Board.”

The key role of the Secretariat is to translate the council’s broad policy framework into programmes for subsequent implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

3. Function

The functions of the council as provided for by the act are as follows:

To co-ordinate, supervise and foster the activities of youth clubs, associations or organizations from grassroots to national level.

To facilitate youth participation in key national and international events.

To be the interface between the Government and the youth.

To manage the children’s parliament programme as a leadership development and advocacy arm on children’s rights.


4.Guiding legislative/Policy Framework

4.1 National Level

The Zimbabwe Youth Council Act [Chapter 25:19] as amended in 1997.National Youth Policy

4.2 Regional Level

African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child

African Youth Charter

4.3 International Level

The UN Convention of the Rights and Welfare of the Child

UN World Programme of Action for Youth for the year 2000 and beyond

5. Affiliation Status

SADC Youth Union (Formative stage)

Pan African Youth Union (PYU)

World Assembly of Youth (WAY)

6. ZYC Programmes

Support for Youth Associations

Children’s Parliament

Youth Forums

Youth Festivals

Commemoration of national and international youth events

Exchange programmes

6.1  Support for Youth Associations

6.2  Currently the ZYC has more than 200 registered youth associations and clubs at various levels. They are categorized in the following sectors.

6.3  Youth in Business

6.4  Youth in Performing Arts.

6.5  Youth in Health and Welfare.

6.6  Youth in Education, Training and Advocacy.

6.7  Youth in Sports and Recreation.

6.8  Youth in Religious Activities.

6.9  Youth in Tourism

7  Children’s Parliament

The children’s parliament which was established in 1991 in line with the Day of the African Child serves as a leadership development and advocacy arm on children’s rights and also seeks to facilitate participation of youth in governance issues. It operates as a mirror image of the real parliament which entails that each and very parliament constituency in the country has a child parliamentarian representative. National debates are normally held once annually and child parliamentarians also engaged in other activities throughout the year.

Youth Forums
This programme seeks to provide a platform for dialogue amongst youth and stakeholders in pursuit of youth empowerment.
The programme started at national level in 2006 and so far it has cascaded to district level.

8. Youth Festival

Youth festival's facilitate interaction of youth at local, national, regional and international levels through a variety of enjoyable activities such as sport, dance, drama, poetry, performing arts.

9. Commemoration of National and International youth events

21st February movement
Day of the African Child-16 June
International Youth Day-12 August
Africa Youth day-01 November

10. Exchange Programmes.

They are meant to enhance regional and global youth partnership for development. currently the Zimbabwe Youth Council as an active member of the following regional and international bodies:
SADC Youth Union (Formative stage),
Pan African Youth Union (PYU)
World Assembly of Youth (WAY)

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