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Saturday, 20 November 2010 09:05

In its endeavour to support children and youth participation and empowerment as well as support registered youth associations, clubs and the general development of the youth sector, Zimbabwe Youth Council has come up with several programmes as outline below:

Children’s Parliament

The Children’s Parliament which was established in 1991 in line with the Day of the African Child serves as a leadership development and advocacy arm on children’s rights and also seeks to facilitate participation of youth in governance issues. It operates as a mirror image of the real parliament which entails that each and every parliament constituency in the country has a child parliamentarian representative. National debates are normally held once annually and child parliamentarians also engaged in other activities throughout the year.

Economic Development Programme

This programme started in 2011 aimed at capacitating young people with entrepreneurial skills. The programme has beginning this year been expanded into four main areas:

i). Entrepreneurship Training – This programme area focuses on training young people for business and facilitate or link them to available sources of funding. The programme has to date trained over 500 young people and is looking at increasing this number this year. The programme will run at Provincial level where training will be done on a weekly basis.

ii). Market Linkages – This programme area focuses on linking youth owned businesses to available markets and other existing opportunities for growth. Procurement conferences where big spenders are invited and encouraged to procure from youth businesses are some of the platforms organised through the programme.

iii). Mentorship - Through the Mentorship Programme, the Council will match mentors who are people who have excelled in a certain area and are regarded as role models to mentees who are young people still developing in their area of choice and need mentoring and support.

iv). Job Placements - To ease the challenges involved in getting employment the Youth Council is also set to facilitate for job placements for qualified youths in all sectors of the economy including attachments and apprenticeship. A database of CVs is kept by the council and companies and organisations are encouraged to use this database for any opportunities that may arise in their organisations.

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Council launched the ASRH programme last year with the aim of training youths from registered associations and clubs and young people in general on sexual and reproductive health. The programme will focus on a multi sectoral approach and will equip young people with relevant and up to date information on HIV and AIDS, STIs and pertinent reproductive health information.
This programme is being run by an affiliate association as an Implementing Partner.
Under the programme all previously and newly registered youth organisations are trained and expected to come up with an ASRH policy for their respective organisations afterwards. This is in an effort to mainstream ASRH. The programme is meant to activate youth leadership and empower them to actively advocate and be involved in drafting policies for their needs to be included in national and international strategies to curb challenges that have a direct bearing on their sexual and reproductive health.

Youth Forums and Youth Festivals

This programme seeks to provide a platform for dialogue amongst youth and stakeholders in pursuit of youth empowerment. The programme started at national level in 2006 and so far it has cascaded to district level.
Youth festivals facilitate interaction of youth at local, national, regional and international levels through a variety of enjoyable activities such as sport, dance, drama, poetry, performing arts.

Commemoration of key National and International youth events

•    21st February Movement
•    Day of the African Child-16 June
•    International Youth Day-12 August
•    Africa Youth day- 01 November

Exchange programmes

They are meant to enhance regional and global youth partnership for development.Currently the Zimbabwe Youth Council as an active member of the following regional and international bodies:

•    SADC Youth Union (Formative stage),
•    Pan African Youth Union (PYU)
•    World Assembly of Youth (WAY)

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