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Amending to the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act PDF Print E-mail
Written by ZYC   
Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:28

The Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) wish to advise registered Youth Associations, Youth Serving Organisations and other  interested parties within the Youth Sector that it has embarked on amending the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act [CHAPTER 25:19]as amended in 1997, in a bit to align it with Zimbabwe’s  New Constitution. The process of amending the ZYC Act will involve ward consultation from registered youth associations and interested parties. We encourage Youth Associations to familiarise themselves with the ZYC Act for them to know what needs to be amended. The current Youth Council Act can be found on the following link on the Zimbabwe Youth Council Website

The List below describes some of the  proposed amendments to the current Z.Y.C Act


Proposed Amendments to the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act


In this section we added the following interpretations which were not defined in the Parent Act:

(a)National Youth Association

National youth association means a registered association which implements

the purpose of this act and whose operations are in at least five (5) provinces in the country;

(b)National Youth Serving Organisation

National youth serving organisation means a registered association

whose primary purpose is to produce services geared to general improvement of youth work;

(c) National Youth Oriented Organisation

National Youth Oriented Organisation means a registered association or other

organisation whose operations at least partly consist of youth work and the

extent of whose youth work is comparable to the activities of a national youth


(e) Youth Activities

Youth activities will mean any undertakings done by youth associations for the development or benefit of the youth

(f) Members

Shall mean members of the Council appointed in terms of this Act

(g) Appointment

Shall be by way of notice in the gazette

(h) Registered National Youth Association

Shall be any association registered in terms of section 13

(i)  National Youth Policy

National youth policy” means a policy on youth formulated by the Ministry for the time being responsible for youth affairs; and


The word youth will mean any persons between the ages of fifteen (15) and thirty –five (35) years ;( in accordance to the national youth policy)

(e) Financial Year

“Financial year” means the period of twelve month from the date of registration in each year;

Section 3A

Shall be amended and replaced with the following:

Functions of the Council shall be;

(a) regulate and co-ordinate activities and initiatives

relating to the youth being undertaken by youth

groups, youth focused community-based

organizations, youth non-governmental organizations,

youth civil society movements and other youth oriented organizations;

(b) promote and popularize the national youth policy

and other policies that affect the youth;

(c) facilitate the periodic review of the national

youth policy in line with other government policy


(d) mobilize resources to support and fund registered youth associations

programmes and initiatives;

(e) lobby for legislation and policy on issues affecting the


(f) liaise with other organizations to ensure that the

youth gain access to resources and services appropriate to their needs

promote relations between youth organizations

and other bodies both nationally and

internationally with similar objectives or


(h) inspire and promote the spirit of unity,

patriotism, volunteerism and service among the


(i) formulate operational guidelines that protect the

youth against any form of abuse or manipulation;

(j) mobilize and sensitise relevant stakeholders on

the concept of community youth service;

(k) act as a voice and bridge to ensure that the

Government and other policy makers are kept

informed of the views and aspirations of the


(l) promote research, collation and analysis of data

on youth issues;

(m) promote the inclusion of youth agenda in the

formulation of policy by public institutions and


(n) promote the inclusion of youths in decision-making

bodies, boards, agencies and other public

institutions and organisations;

(o) administer a Youth Grant and such other devolved

funds targeting the youth as may be established

from time to time;

(p) perform any other function that may directly or

indirectly contribute to the attainment of the

foregoing as approved by the Minister

Section 3B

Shall be amended to include;

(1)not more than 10 youths, of whom at least four shall be of the female gender and two shall be a youth with disability, nominated /and or appointed in such

Manner as may be prescribed and appointed by the Minister;

(2)A person shall not be appointed as a Chairperson

unless such person—

(a) possesses at least an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution;

(b) has at least three years’ experience in youth development matters gained

locally or internationally;

(c) has demonstrated ability to provide youth leadership and youth


(d) is knowledgeable in, or has actively contributed to the promotion of, youth

development agenda;

(e) is of high integrity, ethical and responsive to the needs and aspirations

of the youth;

(f) is a youth as defined under this Act.

(3) An appointment under subsection (1) (a), (g) and (h)shall be by name and notice in the Gazette.

Section 5

Shall be amended and replaced as follows;

(a)The Council shall have a Chief Executive Officer whose office shall be a public office

(b)The Chief Executive Officer shall perform the functions of secretary of the Council:and shall, subject to the direction of the Council, be responsible for the day to day management of the Council.

(c) The Secretary shall, in consultation with the Council, be responsible for the direction of the affairs and transactions of the Council, the exercise, discharge and performance of its objectives, functions and duties

(d) The Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of the Council but shall have no right to vote at any meeting of the Council.

Section 6

Add the following:


(1) The Council shall meet not less than four times in every financial year and not more than four months shall elapse between the date of one meeting and the date of the next meeting.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subparagraph (1), the Chairperson or any three other members of the Council may call a special meeting at any time where it is deemed expedient for the transaction of the business of the Council, by giving not less than seven days’ written notice to the members.

(4) Unless three-quarters of the total members of the Council otherwise agree, at least fourteen days’ written notice of every meeting of the Council shall be given to every member of the Council.

Section 7

Establishment of Provincial Youth Councils shall be amended and replaced with the following;

Create Provincial Youth Councils in all the provinces in the country and such other branches as it may deem necessary or desirable for the promotion of youth empowerment and development

The Council may establish such establishments or organs as it may deem necessary for the effective and proper discharge of its functions under this Act.

Section 13

Amend the word “support letter” wherever it appears and replace it with “recommendation letter”

Add police clearance as a requirement

Add Registration shall take five (5) working days from the day of receipt whereupon if an application is denied the applicant be notified with an explanation


Common Seal

(1) The common seal of the Council shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary or of such other person as the Council may direct, and shall not be used except upon the order of the Council.

(2) The common seal of the Council, when affixed to a document and duly authenticated, shall be judicially and officially noticed, and unless the contrary is proved, any necessary order or authorisation by the Council under this section shall be presumed to have been given.

(3) The common seal of the Council shall be authenticated by the signature of the Chairperson of the Council and/or the Secretary:

Provided that the Council shall, in the absence of either the Chairperson or the Secretary, in any particular matter, nominate one member of the Council to authenticate the seal of the Council on behalf of either the Chairperson or the Secretary


(1) If a member is directly or indirectly interested in any contract, proposed contract or other matter before the Council and is present at a meeting of the Council at which the contract, proposed contract or other matter is the subject of consideration, that member shall, at the meeting and as soon as practicable after the commencement thereof, disclose the fact and shall not take part in the consideration or discussion of, or vote on, any questions with respect to the contract or other matter, or be counted in the quorum of the meeting during the consideration of the matter: Provided that, if the majority of the members present are of the opinion that the experience or expertise of such member is vital to the deliberations of the meeting, the Council may permit the member to participate in the deliberations subject to such restrictions as it may impose but such member shall not have the right to vote on the matter in question.

(2) A disclosure of interest made under this paragraph shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which it is made

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Last Updated on Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:37
Broiler Production Training sessions PDF Print E-mail
Written by ZYC   
Monday, 15 September 2014 16:32










The ZYC together with Irvine’s will be conducting full day Broiler Production Training sessions for the last quarter of the year as follows;

1.    Mt Hampden VTC
24 September
08 October
22 October
19 November
03 December
17 December
2.    Ruwa VTC
25 September
23 October
05 November
04 December
3.    Mt View VTC
09 October
06 November
20 November
18 December
Note: All those interested in the training and are aged 18 -35 please send your full name, phone number, preferred date and preferred venue to schisina@gmail.com or sms to 0773506163. The training if for free

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Last Updated on Monday, 15 September 2014 16:36
National Coordination Forum for youth in Social & Community development PDF Print E-mail
Written by ZYC   
Thursday, 11 September 2014 07:49

The Zimbabwe Youth Council is in the process of creating a national coordination forum for youth in social & community development work which will be used to engage government and development partners on various issues affecting the sector in the country.

This move follows the realization that there is more power in speaking with one voice. This is also in fulfillment of the resolutions made at the recently held National Youth Conference on skills and poverty reduction. We are therefore inviting nationally registered youth associations or groups to send two representatives to a brainstorming meeting to be held at the ZYC head office boardroom on the 2nd of October 2014; 10am sharp. We value your contributions. Agenda 1.

Introductions 2. Background 3. Mapping major challenges affecting young people in the sector 4. Mapping major stakeholders 5. Way forward Sungano Chisina Economic Development Specialist.Mobile: +263 773 506 163/ 0712 281 507

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Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by ZYC   
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 07:43

Press Release

Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show

The Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment together with the Zimbabwe Youth Council came in the third place in the Training category at this year’s Matabeleland North Provincial Agricultural Show which was held in Hwange from 03-06 September 2014.

The show was officially opened on Saturday by Minister of State for Matabeleland North province Ambassador Cain Mathema was held under the theme “Comprehensive Planning for Economic Development”.


The stand which was full of informative material and artefacts was a hive of activity as witnessed by the number of young people who came to our stand.  Most young people who visited the stand were interested in knowing more on youth development and empowerment initiatives being done by the ministry.  They encouraged the ministry and ZYC to come up with programmes and activities in Hwange to keep young people occupied.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 September 2014 08:20
Z.YC, Youth Associations Hold Joint Exhibition At The Z.A.S 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by ZYC   
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 13:44

In keeping with its moto "In Pursuit of Youth Empowerment and Participation" Z.Y.C held a joint exhibition with several of its registered Youth Associations at the just ended 2014 edition of the Harare Agricutural Show 

The variation of exhibitions showcased by the associations included I.C.T products and services, Agricultural commodities and services, manufactured products such as household & Industrial cleaning detergents and other varied industrial and household products.

The Youth Council stand this year attracted several hundreds of youths who approached the desk to find out what the Z.Y.C and its co- exhibitors had for them. It was interesting to note that this year most of the inquiries as opposed to last year, were not find out who is and what the Z.Y.C does, but rather more of young people following up on specific programmes such as the upcoming Africa Youth Day and some giving positive feedback on business deals they have clinched as a result of participating at Z.Y.C led events e.g. the National Youth Expo held earlier this year. 

Most Youths felt inspired by their peers who showcased exciting products and services whose quality was not only of high standard but also well fitting for the regional and international markets.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 September 2014 14:02
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